Friday, July 31, 2009

Dionne Madden

My name is Dionne Madden. I work as a AET (angel engery theripst) in Dublin. I am a reiki master and enjoy giving healing. I have been working in this field for five years and have been trained in other fields mediumship, EFT, counselling and phycotherepy. I also run very successful parenting courses. Angel classes, crystal therepy classes. If you would like to contact me for a reading, or a schedule of my classes pleases do so at

Love and Light

Dionne x x x x

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flora Bassey

I have been a practising clairvoyant/medium for over 10 years, though I have had this gift since I was born. I work with the angelic realm, employing the use of crystals, music/dance, reiki, meditation and drums in my techniques of readings and healing. I work in releasing spirit attachments, psychic attacks and airborne entities picked up in times of stress and trauma, realignment of clients chakras and cleansing them, release of vows that are still active from past lives and past life readings.

I am training to be a yoga teacher (2nd year) also progressing to Reiki(seichem) this month.

reiki 3, crystal healing 1&2, psychometry.

Services offered:
Reiki, crystal healing, past life readings, chakra cleansing, release of vows

Contact by phone 087 - 2302381


Monday, July 27, 2009

Colette Gaynor

My name is Colette and I would like to give you a brief description of myself and the work that I do. I have been working in the local child care centre for the past eight years now and I really enjoy working with the children. This is where I met one of the parents who happened to mention angel cards to me. This intrigued me and I asked questions about the subget and all I can say is that that was the beginning of something that changed my life.

Colette Darling was starting up a crystal class in the local "New Life" centre. I attended this first workshop and from there I went to a wide variety of courses around Angels, Angel cards, Reiki and Indian head massage. I start to love these subjects more and more. I attended psychic developments weekends. At the moment my areas of expertise are Angels, Angel cards and Reiki.

You can contact me at 0858296748


Martina Mulligan

I lived in Dublin all my life. I am married and I have three childern. My interests are reading good books, painting, going for nice long walks in the country and anything to do with psychic work.

In 2002 I became iinterested in Angels after a workshop. This was to be the beginning of something that would play a major role in my life. I started to learn all that I could about Angels nd their presence in my life. They bring me hope everyday; angels are for everyone. Not a day goes by when I don't connect with them, talk to them or ask them for help. They always answer me. I am delighted they came to share their love with me.

My interests and learings started to expand to other things such as crystals, angel cards, tarot, energy healing and other psychic developments. I love the work that i do: Angel / tarot cards readings, crystals classes. I am Reiki master and a certified Medium facilitator. I also got my certification on Angel Therapy.

I attended a Mediumship training at the Athur Finlay College in England.

For readings and any psychic work, you contact me at or by phone at 0868656485.

Love and light!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colette Darling

I've been teaching since 2002, became an A.T.P.Certified and registered by Dr Doreen Virtue phd in 2003, my service is to the light and my wish is to help you find your light through working with your angels and spirit. I also give private readings and give workshops on angels and devloping your psychic abilities i am a qualified teacher and facilitator. My aim is to bring Angel Energy Therapy to all who want to learn to connect to their Angels through meditation, group work and being with like minded people.

My formal education also includes a Mediumship training at the Arthur Finlay College in England.

Classes are run for 8/10 weeks and are run according to numbers. I give classes in Angel Therapy, Crystal Healing, Developing intuitive self.

The next 2Day World Angel Weekend Workshop12th/13th Sept '09. See details on this link:

Love and light!

Mobile phone: 0872179729