Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flora Bassey

I have been a practising clairvoyant/medium for over 10 years, though I have had this gift since I was born. I work with the angelic realm, employing the use of crystals, music/dance, reiki, meditation and drums in my techniques of readings and healing. I work in releasing spirit attachments, psychic attacks and airborne entities picked up in times of stress and trauma, realignment of clients chakras and cleansing them, release of vows that are still active from past lives and past life readings.

I am training to be a yoga teacher (2nd year) also progressing to Reiki(seichem) this month.

reiki 3, crystal healing 1&2, psychometry.

Services offered:
Reiki, crystal healing, past life readings, chakra cleansing, release of vows

Contact by phone 087 - 2302381


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