Monday, July 27, 2009

Martina Mulligan

I lived in Dublin all my life. I am married and I have three childern. My interests are reading good books, painting, going for nice long walks in the country and anything to do with psychic work.

In 2002 I became iinterested in Angels after a workshop. This was to be the beginning of something that would play a major role in my life. I started to learn all that I could about Angels nd their presence in my life. They bring me hope everyday; angels are for everyone. Not a day goes by when I don't connect with them, talk to them or ask them for help. They always answer me. I am delighted they came to share their love with me.

My interests and learings started to expand to other things such as crystals, angel cards, tarot, energy healing and other psychic developments. I love the work that i do: Angel / tarot cards readings, crystals classes. I am Reiki master and a certified Medium facilitator. I also got my certification on Angel Therapy.

I attended a Mediumship training at the Athur Finlay College in England.

For readings and any psychic work, you contact me at or by phone at 0868656485.

Love and light!


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